Knights of Knightsbridge


Custom outfits created for Nick Knights installation at the Knightsbridge Estate. Exhibited on Billboard. July 2018.

Highly-structured armour-like creations are the subject of an 11 metres high and 120 meters wide photographic installation by Nick Knight on the façade of the Knightsbridge estate in Central London.

Uniting the worlds of fashion and art, the installation creates a billboard-sized panoramic wrap, across the building’s façade, to conceal extensive construction work behind. It fronts Brompton Road and Sloane Street, it is the size of 26 double-decker buses and is estimated to be seen by tens of thousands of people passing by. It is probably the biggest fashion photograph ever displayed.

Knightsbridge gained an unsavoury reputation in the 17th century as a place where villains lay in wait for hapless travellers. The legend is that a quarrel ensued between two knights and a duel took place on the bridge; both fell, and the place was called Knightsbridge in memory of the deadly feud. Nick Knight, therefore, decided to depict high fashion warn as if armour, creating the illusion of knights from all-over-the-world watching down on the modern street.

Edwin created one of the 18 Knights depicted solely out of duct tape. Reprising his technique from 2016. The final piece was created inspired by the idea of a split knight. The concept of a warrior trapped in the membrane of time.