Hello Dolly

        This was my Master’s Collection presented at London Fashion Week as part of Central Saint Martins Master’s LFW 2018 show. There’s loads of goodies here. Shoe bras, Trump heels, Chicken Hats.... a Pool!
        A Star is Born (Not a reference to the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper Film, but a reference to BARBARA STREISAND) is Mohney’s Master’s Collection References and inspirations abound with no direction, but forward. The work itself is not pined down to any era or idea, but was created as an expression of liquid modernity. Constantly evolving and changing, the combination of ready-mades with couture techniques and tailoring underscore the diabolical play with material. Mohney’s designs the idea and executes its expression via fashion rather than creating fashion for its own sake. Luxury redefined as an emotional response. The collection received critical praise from Vogue to the Daily Mail. The collection has garnered millions of views online through social media and television.